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Our petition reached over 1,000 signatures
This clearly demonstrates the strength of feeling for keeping it against Labour's desperate bid to bulldoze it. If you have a spare moment, please write to John Penrose, the new minister in charge of heritage.

Did you know that Slough Borough Council want to demolish Slough's historic Town Hall?

Slough's Historic Town HallTo preserve the building for future generations, we have nominated the original Town Hall (not the 1980's extension to the rear) for listed building status. This would provide protection against demolition and ensure that any alterations are in keeping with its original nature.

The building has been inspected by English Heritage (who advise the government on architectural matters) and they have recommended that the building should receive a Grade II listing.

What you can do to help

  • The war memorial inside the Town HallWrite to the Government: although Labour refused to list it, we're lobbying John Penrose, the new heritage minister, to follow English Heritage's advice and list the original Town Hall. You can help by writing to him and asking him to list the building. We have a template letter (in Microsoft Word format) that you can use - simply add your name and address and sign and mail it - the address is in the letter.
  • Complain to your councillor: if you live in Slough, please let your local councillor know that you're unhappy with the decision to demolish the Town Hall. You can use the service to find your local councillors and send them your comments online. You can also use this service to contact Slough's MP, Fiona Mactaggart.
  • If you'd like any more information about our campaign or you'd like to help in any way, you can contact us at

What's on our website

  • Website launchRead about the background to the decision by the Council to demolish the historic Town Hall, and why just about every architectural expert who has examined the building thinks it should be listed
  • Learn about the history of the Town Hall
  • View the gallery of photos of the historic Town Hall and take a tour of some of the original 1930's features that can be found inside

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